Some of the most common and popular ways to cleanse your mind and body of negative toxins along with alleviating pain is with the usage of healing stones and essential oils. They also carry therapeutic benefits and promote positivity. 


*Did you know sugar and salt are considered crystals? 

Crystals have been worn as jewellery since as far back as the Stone Age. The Stone Age dates back as far as 2.5 billion years ago. Men and women wore crystal jewellery and talismans for their protection and to guard themselves from harm.

* Ancient Egyptians are well known to have believed in crystal healing. Cleopatra and ladies of royalty wore Lapis Lazuli, malachite was powdered and applied to wounds to prevent infection and quartz was placed on the dead to help guide them into the afterlife safely.

*The high concentration of copper in malachite aids aching joints and muscles. Copper is known for reducing swelling and inflammation, you may have heard of someone wearing a copper bracelet before or a copper chain for an ageing dog.

* The use of healing crystals in Chinese medicine dates back nearly 5000 years. Crystals and gem stones played an important part in these traditional practices. Acupuncture, for instance consisted of stone needles. Nowadays the needles are metal.

* Crystals are used in modern medical practices. All crystals have different properties, some of which are used in ultrasounds. There are crystals which are piezoelectric crystals. This means that when compressed the crystal produces electrical currents and absorb sound. And when you apply electricity to these crystals it makes them change shape causing vibrations which then produce sound. Therefore, these crystals can send and receive sound waves. These sound waves produce pictures of the inside of a body. For example a scan photo of a baby. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it?! You can find crystals to treat illnesses and imbalances on all levels.

* Each crystal has its own individual healing properties. You can either choose a crystal for a specific purpose or you can choose one at random. When choosing one at random just trust your intuition. You will be drawn to one, make sure you hold he crystal and it should feel like it’s the one for you.

* Himalayan salt rock also has healing properties and it comes in many forms. Whether it’s a lamp or candle tea light they are great to have in your home. They’re not just beautiful to look at but they have so many healing properties, even Doctors have recommended them. Himalayan salt rock remove impurities from the air, reducing allergies and asthmatic symptoms. If you’re poorly they can help ease coughing, help you to feel more energetic and aid in a quality nights sleep.

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