CleanSmart Spray

CleanSmart Spray


This is a one of a kind spray!


No Harmful Chemicals


CleanSmart is made with simple ingredients: ionized water, salt, and Hypochlorous Acid. It is alcohol-free, and contains no BZK, ammonia, dyes or added fragrance.


No Harsh Fumes


Breathe easy! No toxic odors or lingering fumes.


No First Aid Warnings


Totally worry-free around people, babies and pets.


No Chemical Residue


CleanSmart breaks down to simple saline water after it disinfects---leaving NO chemical residue behind. Just spray and air dry, or wipe if you prefer.


Food Surface Contact Safe


Spray water bottles, cutting boards, knives, dishware, inside the refrigerator and microwave with out rinsing. Let air dry or wipe.


Peace of mind is just a spray away.

CleanSmart is EPA-registered to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Simply spray to know your home is protected from germs that cause illness.

CleanSmart is as effective as heavy chemical disinfectants (the kind you need gloves for) but without the risk of residue left behind on surfaces.


Disinfectants that are certified to to kill germs have an EPA registration number listed on the label. Check your product for an EPA registration number.

CleanSmart's EPA registered number is 89896-2.  


Through EPA testing, this spray has been shown to kill the human Coronavirus!



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