Get Well Soon Basket

Get Well Soon Basket


It is never fun to be under the weather. What better way to show someone you care and wish them well than by giving them a basket filled with everything they need to feel better soon!

Included in this basket is our:

  • Breathe Deep Roll On which helps to soothe the chest and lungs while helping to open up the airways and clear congestion
  • Hot Tiger Balm is awesome for sore muscles but is also amazing for sore throats when applied to the outside of the throat area
  • Vapor Rub is essential when you're sick. Applied on the chest, under the nose and even on the neck, it helps open the air ways, clear congestion and helps relieve neck and chest tension
  • Breathe Deep Essential oil is beautiful diffused day and night to help to keep your airways open and clear for better breathing
  • Sandman Roll on helps to offer help falling asleep and staying asleep when you are sick and on the go
  • Sandman Balm is a perfect aid to help you catch some zzz's when your sick and at home
  • Eucalyptus Shower Steamers are the perfect way to clear the sinuses and congestion in the shower. Placed on the floor of the shower, when they dissolve, menthol fills the shower and helps to open and clear the airways
  • Muscle Relaxing Bath Salts helps to relieve tension and stress in your neck and back muscles while also helping with body aches
  • Cold and Flu Bath Salts helps to support the immune system, as well as helping with congestion, aches and pains and muscle tension

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