Kid's Essentials Basket

Kid's Essentials Basket


This basket is filled with the essentials for children. Filled with items for skin irritations, active minds, and bedtime routines, this basket has all the essentials.

Included in this basket is our:

  • Kids Hand Sanitizer to help keep your kids hands free from harmful bacteria and germs while keeping their hands smelling good and nice and soft
  • Lavender Lotion is perfect head to toe moisturizer that also has the benefit of promoting relaxation with calming Lavender essential oil
  • Bedtime Mist is perfect for preparing your childs bedroom for bedtime or naptime. Using a blend of calming essential oils, this mist helps to calm your childs active mind and help them unwind and have a restful sleep
  • Lavender Cut Balm is what we call the "Mom Balm". It is an essential for any purse, baby bag or first aid kit. Lavender helps to heal without scarring, is amazing on burns, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Safe for all ages.
  • Calendula Balm is amazing for skin irritations, eczema, psoriasis and skin irritations from allergic reactions. Calendula and Chickweed are both herbs renowned for thier amazing properties for skin and skin issues. Safe for all ages
  • Calendula Lotion is perfect for overall skin moisturization and hydration. This unscented lotion is also suitable for skin irritations and sensitivities.
  • Bath Bombs are always fun and are #1 must have froms kids of all ages!
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